Co-investing. How Mortgage Mates investors can have social and financial wins in the housing affordability space.

Whist social co-investing is not the only solution to positively impact rental markets across Australia it can be a way for individuals already seeking to invest in property, to also impact housing for another individual too.

Mortgage Mates acknowledges that a lot is being done in the affordable housing space in varying formats across Australia. Our solution of social co-investing is an addition to an increase in social housing, an increase in affordable home ownership (such as government grants and rebates) and other innovative social and prop tech companies also working to provide housing solutions across the country.

If you are interested in learning more about how social co-investing may work for you, or have questions more generally on how Mortgage Mates works, please join us for our Instagram Live Q&A on Saturday 5th December to learn more (QR code below) and to ask any questions you may have. Alternatively please reach out to Daisy or Jess ( and to find out more.

Instagram QR code.

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