Co-investing. How Mortgage Mates investors can have social and financial wins in the housing affordability space.

Housing affordability across Australia has been reducing in both the rental and home ownership market for the last few years. However, during Covid-19 the impact to housing, specifically in the rental market, has been significant, with Perth (as an example) having less than 1% vacancy rates, we are facing a housing crisis larger than we have ever seen before.

At the beginning of the pandemic state governments brought in a suite of support mechanisms which, despite all good intentions, has lead to decreases in available housing, a stagnant property market, an increase in rent for those properties on the market, and a looming challenge to overcome when these various provisions end.

In Perth, due to the moratorium on evictions coming to an end in March, there is an anticipated rent increase of up to 30% on available private rentals. This means many families who could previously afford their tenancy, will become priced out of the rental market. For those on a median income, we are offering support and guidance to buying a home, by facilitating co-ownership, not just for individuals but families too. In Perth, the average property price is approximately $470,000, but if two families pool resources they can share the cost of buying, maintaining and living in the home, having seperate bedrooms and bathrooms but co-living in the shared space.

For those on a low income we want to assist in creating an affordable rental market by asking landlords to see their investment, not only as an opportunity to benefit financially (which will continue to be possible in this space) but to also see the potential social return their investment can have in the community.

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