Co-living for Single Parents- the beauty of ShareAbode!

As many of you know, Mortgage Mates is facilitating the ability to co-own a home by matching two or more Mates to own a home together. Co-ownership is like permanent co-living, which has been around for a lot longer than our version of shared ownership, and comes in the forms of flatmates, roommates, share housesContinue reading “Co-living for Single Parents- the beauty of ShareAbode!”

How does a co-ownership agreement work?

Sharing the ownership of property between two or more people or entities is called co-ownership. The co-owners can be friends, family members, business partners or strangers! As highlighted by Pod Property ‘Over the last 15 years, house prices across Australia have risen by enough to leave a generation of Australians feeling like they are neverContinue reading “How does a co-ownership agreement work?”

Co-living with a Mate.

The concept of co-living has been around for a number of years, providing often short term, low cost accomodation as a housing option. Previously known as share houses or houses of multiple occupation, having a resurgence, living together is now existing under the brand of co-living. ‘Coliving is much more than a student flat orContinue reading “Co-living with a Mate.”

Co-investing. How Mortgage Mates investors can have social and financial wins in the housing affordability space.

Mortgage Mates has been created to enable the co-ownership of property for both ‘live in’ options similar to co-living, and co-investing, meaning two or more people own the property, but only one part of the syndicate lives in the home and pays rent, or none of the co-owners live in the home and the propertyContinue reading “Co-investing. How Mortgage Mates investors can have social and financial wins in the housing affordability space.”

How does Mortgage Mates work for you? Part one- ageing in place.

Mortgage Mates has been developed to support individuals priced out of the property market to own their own home. As an organisation, we believe every person should have the ability to live in a location they like, close to community, connection and support options as needed by them. We know that the fastest demographic intoContinue reading “How does Mortgage Mates work for you? Part one- ageing in place.”

The rise of co-living.

‘Co-ownership? You mean permanent co-living options? That’s AWESOME’. The response from a 24 year-old Londoner looking to enter the property market, after we talked about Mortgage Mates. Co-living is a phrase that has been gaining media attention both in Australia and across the world. It idealises and promotes the concept of shared living, where communityContinue reading “The rise of co-living.”