What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership is a type of ownership which can be applied to housing, businesses or other assets when more than one individual or company share the item in question. In housing terms, co-ownership occurs when two or more individuals own a percentage of a property or piece of land. It can apply to investment homes, holidayContinue reading “What is co-ownership?”

What would you do for success?

As one of the Co-Founders of Mortgage Mates I am sat on the plane (which had actual WIFI if we can appreciate the craziness of that 🙌🏼) about to touch back down in Perth after a 27 hour whistle stop tour of Adelaide as part of the Pitch@Palace pitching event. As a founder you willContinue reading “What would you do for success?”

Co-Founder insights.

As part of Mortgage Mates we believe it is important for you to know who we are, as well as what we do so as part of our blog page we are going to give you a little insight into us, the Co-Founders of Mortgage Mates as part of our story. My name is Daisy,Continue reading “Co-Founder insights.”

Where did we come from?

Mortgage Mates was an idea that Co-Founder Daisy Ashworth initially had back in 2015, when a friend was left holding an expensive mortgage after they separated from their parter. It sparked the question, what could you do to mitigate this? How could some-one/anyone on a limited income, ever enter the property market without a partnerContinue reading “Where did we come from?”

What does housing affordability mean? Why does it matter and how do we fit in?

In recent years housing affordability, housing crisis, home ownership and homelessness have become daily statements and rhetorics in news reports, social media posts and community conversation. But what does this mean, both specifically for the individuals we hope to support through Mortgage Mates, and also the wider community? Mortgage Mates has been created to supportContinue reading “What does housing affordability mean? Why does it matter and how do we fit in?”

When is a stranger better than a friend?

There are not many times in life that you would prioritise a stranger over family and friends, but we believe buying a home may be the perfect example of when a stranger may be the better option. This may seem like an odd concept, but as the question above asks- are you already part ofContinue reading “When is a stranger better than a friend?”

Who is Mortgage Mates?

Mortgage Mates is like a dating app for home ownership. We match you with other users who have the same housing needs as you, enabling you to co-buy your home. This is our first post using the Mortgage Mates blog. We have developed this space to enable us (your Mortgage Mates co-founders) to let youContinue reading “Who is Mortgage Mates?”