Steps to buying a house with your Mortgage Mate.

Buying a house is going to be one of the largest but most exciting things you do ever get to do. It might seem scary, and a bit overwhelming at first, but Mortgage Mates is here to help you understand the process and take the steps you need to take to co-own a home together.Continue reading “Steps to buying a house with your Mortgage Mate.”

From Co-working to Co-living… why not both?

The idea of co-working has been around for a long time and co-living spaces is now growing and evolving both in Australia and internationally. But what actually is it? Realistically, it can be many things and is different for each situation and person but in essence it is the idea of a community living orContinue reading “From Co-working to Co-living… why not both?”

I already have a Mate, so what about me?

Mortgage Mates specialises in enabling all Australians to be able to own their own home. We believe co-ownership is a key solution to housing affordability and have developed our algorithm to ensure users can match with new Mates, or, confirm their existing Mates match their home ownership needs. If you have already found a partner,Continue reading “I already have a Mate, so what about me?”

Housing post Covid-19

The Great Australian Shame? The face of the Australian housing crisis is often seen as an individual, currently without a home, visible but ignored on the streets of our capital cities across Australia.  But the impact of unstable housing and the lack of affordable homes, runs much deeper than this and affects many more peopleContinue reading “Housing post Covid-19”

Earn an income from your home!

Buying a house is probably going to be the most expensive purchase you ever make! But in the world of technology, not only can you reduce the cost of home ownership by owning with your Mate, you can also find ways to monetise your property in new and unique ways! When looking at revenue streams,Continue reading “Earn an income from your home!”

Co-ownership. The housing style of choice for the Canadian Government.

Since Mortgage Mates launched in 2019 we have been talking about the benefits of co-ownership for the Australian housing market to as many people that will listen. We are having conversations with potential benefactors, third parties, government and others who may benefit from this form of home ownership, because at the moment, it isn’t asContinue reading “Co-ownership. The housing style of choice for the Canadian Government.”

The rise of co-living.

‘Co-ownership? You mean permanent co-living options? That’s AWESOME’. The response from a 24 year-old Londoner looking to enter the property market, after we talked about Mortgage Mates. Co-living is a phrase that has been gaining media attention both in Australia and across the world. It idealises and promotes the concept of shared living, where communityContinue reading “The rise of co-living.”

I would never live with a stranger!

Is not an unnatural first reaction when being asked if you would co-own with a stranger. After all, who grows up thinking that at the age of 20, 30 or 45 they are going to buy their first home with three other people! But living with other people, who initially start off as Strangers isContinue reading “I would never live with a stranger!”

The other half of Mortgage Mates!

Who am I?  My name is Jess and I am the other half of Mortgage Mates.  I grew up in little old Adelaide, which for those of you who have never been there is extremely underrated! Following school I moved over to Melbourne to explore new opportunities and study. This move, while not across theContinue reading “The other half of Mortgage Mates!”