Co-living for Single Parents- the beauty of ShareAbode!

Co-Founder, ShareAbode.

As highlighted by their founder Willo ‘ShareAbode is an Australian wide platform that connects single parents with one another for the purpose of co-living. Co-living together can help with:

  • Cutting down the cost of rent and living expenses
  • Allows for a higher standard of living for a lesser amount
  • Sharing the load and getting time out for yourself
  • Gaining emotional support, less lonely and some adult convo
  • Sharing household duties; cooking, cleaning
  • Even, parental duties can be shared (a bath all to yourself while your kids are being entertained!)
  • No more “mum, I’m bored” as friendships are created between the kids’.

The fantastic part about this platform, and the reason Mortgage Mates is so keen to highlight the work they are doing, is that they too see the living part of housing as, as important as the bricks and mortar. Mortgage Mates is not just about facilitating a house, it is also an opportunity to create a home, and ShareAbode is exactly that for lone parents in the private rental market.

Willo created ShareAbode because of personal challenges in the private rental market, and her experiences have played a part in how the platform came together and supports their users. Utilising not only the website, but also Pod Casts, Facebook groups and other social media platforms, the importance of connection between users can be seen at every step. With useful tips and tricks in their blogs page (such as Understanding the Rental Market and the Secret to Finding a Good Housemate), users are assisted to understand every part of the sharing process. With podcasts which link parents in to useful products, services and other platforms, it is clear Willo is passionate about supporting lone parents to live their best lives in both an affordable and fulfilling way.

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