How does Mortgage Mates work for you? Part one- ageing in place.

Mortgage Mates knows this form of ownership is new and may seem risky to facilitate. But by linking in to websites such as Mortgage Mates, we can assist you to understand the process and make sensible, well supported decisions.

Co-ownership agreements can be modified to include care needs and payments, and to make decisions for family if and when one of the co-owners passes away. By defining your wishes in advance the legal part of the process is clear and easy to follow as required by you.

In the current market, private rentals are unaffordable, unsecure and often unsuitable. Owning a home independently can be expensive, and buying a house with family can lead to relationship issues and decisions being made lead by the heart, instead of the head.

In addition to the above, if you are looking at investment opportunities, buying with another person can enable you to enter the investment market sooner. In the future, Mortgage Mates will be creating a social arm- working with investors to purchase property that is rented out to individuals in need of reduced cost housing. Supporting older adults as they transition into retirement and beyond is one demographic that we hope to support.

If you, or some one you know would like to know more about how co-owning can work for you, please reach out to for further information and assistance.

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