Co-ownership manual extract.

About Us

Mortgage Mates was developed in response to the growing number of Australians being priced out of the property market. With both co-founders coming from a community development background, we saw the significant negative impact unstable housing can have on an individual, leading to financial and emotional stress. We believed that all Australians should have the opportunity to own their own home and therefore started to think outside the box and look for innovative solutions to the housing market here in Australia.

Over a few beers, the idea for Mortgage Mates was born and from there we have juggled full time work, time differences and a pandemic to develop Mortgage Mates into what it is today. We ultimately want to see the housing continuum shift, with more young Australians moving into the home ownership space, freeing up the rental market and hopefully contributing to a decrease in individuals experiencing housing stress and homelessness.

Who we are we

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